The simplest amplifier Amplifier Circuit

The simplest amplifier Amplifier Circuit

Hello, my friends, today in this video how to make an Awesome Mini Amplifier Circuit by transistor IC LM358 and D882 and Specker 4Ω 60W

The simplest amplifier Amplifier Circuit Amplifier by IC LM358 and D882

Components required:

1. transistor D882

2. IC LM 358

3. Capacitor 1μf-16V

4. Capacitor 470μf-50V

5. resistor 1 KΩ

6. resistor 100 KΩ

7. Specker 4Ω 60W

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WARNING: This video is for demonstration and education purposes only Each demonstration presents risks and hazards that must be fully understood before attempting and should be performed only by professionals

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