How To Make 2 LED Flasher Circuit

How To Make 2 LED Flasher Circuit

Hello Guys today in this video, I will show you How To Make 2 LED Flasher Circuit Make Very Easy | Using Without IC & Transistor

How To Make 2 LED Flasher Circuit – Without Using IC & transistor – whit Capacitor

Components required:

1. Capacitor 470μf 25 V

2. Relay 12 V

3. Resistor 220 Ω

Simple Arduino programming (Turn the LED on and off -Delay in the program)

Arduino programming using the for loop and if else if loop and while loop (LED Flasher)

How to make handmade LED (Low consumption, low cost)💡💡

Single Key light (on/off)

DIY Short Circuit (Overcurrent) Protection (Save your battery/power supply)

Mini Amplifier Circuit- Powerful 100 Watt DC 12v

How to make led Chaser Without IC – With Transistor BC 547 and resistor

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WARNING: This video is for demonstration and education purposes only Each demonstration presents risks and hazards that must be fully understood before attempting and should be performed only by professionals

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